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Auto Accident Recovery

           Real Estate Law

Immigration Law

  • Auto Accident/Personal Injury

Although auto accidents are civil in nature we give them special attention because of the nature of those cases. We assemble a team knowledgeable in medical science to review each case and carefully prepare your case to achieve maximum value. We do not settle unless you are satisfied. If you were unfortunate to have suffered injuries in an automobile accident, call us. Our caring, knowledgeable and diligent staff is here to assist and work with you through your treatment and to seek just compensation.

Caring, knowledgeable, diligent and tenacious

Criminal Defense 

  • A criminal defense attorney must display an understanding of the law and a strong desire to zealously protect the constitutional rights of his client. Success often requires a mix of scholarly and practical approaches. We bring those qualities to each case and for every client that we represent. Our practice includes defenses to motor vehicle, misdemeanor and felony charges. If you have been accused of a crime or a motor vehicle offense, call us. You will be treated with respect and your case will receive the serious attention it deserves.

Special advice to Non-citizens

If you are not a citizen of the United States, call us as soon as you are arrested. We understand the potential immigration consequences of your criminal charge and conviction. We make it our priority to take the extra care necessary to avoid the potential severe immigration consequences of criminal convictions. Do not attempt to do it on your own.



Our real estate closing service is staffed with a designated closing professional with more than 15 years experience who is supervised by our staff attorney. Call us if you need representation in buying or selling a home.


We possess the essential qualities for success in Civil law - an understanding of the law, court rules and a passion for protecting the rights of people. If you have been sued or wish to file a suit it is important to have a trusted, persistent and knowledgeable advocate on your side. We advocate for clients in state and federal courts across Connecticut. Our civil practice includes – contract disputes, evictions, foreclosure defense, and Police misconduct cases. If you have a civil matter to be litigated don’t risk being confused and beaten by the myriad of procedural rules and nuances in law. Make the call! Get us on your side.



Connecticut judicial system is comprised of trial courts called Superior Courts, the Appellate Court, and Supreme Court as our highest court of appeals. Any party to a case who disagrees with the decision of the trial court has a right to appeal to the Appellate Court. Appeals demand careful research and artful, persuasive writing and oral advocacy. In law school, Attorney Morgan excelled among his peers in Oral Advocacy and legal research and writing. Over the past thirteen years, he has won reversals for clients and in the process has contributed to new body of law bringing relief to his client and others.



The firm’s Immigration practice covers both administrative reliefs (Green cards, visas) and judicial (removal/deportation) proceedings. Our ‘of counsel’ attorney and staff attorney have more than 28 years combined experience in immigration law. They are supported by a team of legal assistants with more than 13 years training and experience. Our culturally diverse team of professionals affords us the unique opportunity to provide effective service in English, Czech, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Urdu, and Hindi. We serve clients from the Caribbean, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

  • Administrative Relief

We assist with the preparation and filing of applications and petitions for all forms of immigration benefits (green cards, U Visas, citizenship) and assist with the interview process before U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Don’t be fooled into the belief that Immigration is simply “filling out forms.” If you have an immigration question or problem, seek professional help and get it right on the first attempt. Call us for an appointment.

  • Removal/Deportation Defense

When an alien, permanent resident or undocumented, violates state, immigration, or other federal laws, Immigration Customs and Enforcement is authorized to detain and bring such person before an immigration judge in removal/deportation proceedings. When that happens, you need the assistance of an attorney. We defend persons in removal/deportation proceedings and before the Board of Immigration Appeal (BIA). We are staffed by immigrants who understand what is at stake. Don’t risk deportation fighting on your own! Get us on your side. Call us the moment you are detained!!